Monday, December 31, 2012

Ring in the New Year!

It's time to give 2012 the boot and welcome in 2013. For the first time since our daughter was born, the Hubby and I will have the house to ourselves for New Years Eve.  The Spawn has plans with friends so we're going to get down and get funky with our bad selves!

And after 20 years of having kids around the house, this is what it's' going to feel like at my place tonight!

I would like to end the year with one serious moment and say "Thank You" to my Super Secret Santa, Ian over at The Blog With No Name.  This year, The Hubby and I had no money for Christmas presents and only a handful of people knew that. One of those people was Ian and the Saturday before Christmas a package arrived at my house. In that package was lead, lead to paint, lead to make a painter happy, lead that brought tears to my eyes. 

Ian was so thoughtful that he remembered a comment I made on his blog months ago about wanting to one day paint an elephant-I now have an elephant to paint. Many of you know of my love for Highlanders, I now have a Highlander to paint. Many of you know I have no static grass for basing. I now have that grass.  And many of you know of my fear of 6mm figures, I now have 6mm figures to paint (that's the part that made me cry).

It's New Years Eve people, so turn off those computers, grab a hold of someone you love and love them for all it's worth. I know I will.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Closed for the Holidays

Through the years
we all will 
be together,
if the fates allow
hang a shinging
star upon the highest bow

Have yourselves
a Merry Christmas.

Comments have been disabled due to a high amount of spam recently. I don't want to come back from the Holiday and have to clean up a mess!!

Enjoy your time with your families and your friends. I know I will.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brother Barnabas the Boob

So many of life's tragic stories begins with the actions of a single idiot. This story is no exception.

Brother Barnabas, a monk serving with the Order of Fries, was an ambitious man with a small mind. Desirous of a life of comfort, the monk began removing the finger bones from corpses and selling them as relics from the hand of Saint Agatha of Christie.  It wasn't long before Bishop Bellevue caught him, stripped him of his orders and threw him out into the countryside.

Where he became a Hedge Knight.

And not a very good Hedge Knight either as he kept turning his back on his enemies.

I really enjoyed painting this guy up. He's a 28mm sculpt from Hell Dorado with loads of character.

I've included a picture to show scale for those of you who have never seen a tabletop miniature.

I did the basing using Paprika and Parsley-cheap, quick and easy.  The scenery I scratchbuilt some time ago.

Some of you may have noticed that my blog has had a Holiday makeover. I'd like to thank my friend Dez from The Hollywood Spy for designing the banner and the background. I may have to do some tinkering with it after Dezzy sees it later today as I'm not certain if I got the background in the right way.

Well folks it's Wednesday and we're halfway between the place we were and the place we want to be. So put on your most comfortable pair of trainers and amble on down the road at a slow pace enjoying the scenery along the way. I know I will. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Dark Side of Evolution

The common Bushwoolie of the genus Bushwooligus Exampanitus evolved to thrive in a heavily forested environment.  Small in stature, the Bushwoolie has a dark green/blue spiky coat that enables it to blend in, thereby avoiding detection by predators. An herbivore, it's diet consists mainly of the woody stems of low hanging deciduous bushes.  Because the god that created it was a wee bit drunk at the time, he neglected to provide the Bushwoolie the enzymes necessary to digest the tough wood of the branches.

The species would have died out entirely had it not been for the curious nature possessed by one little Bushwoolie.  Tired of living with indigestion the little guy began chewing on the base of a highly toxic mushroom. Within minutes his tummy ache ceased and he began to experience a sense of well-being that transported him into another realm.  Soon all the Bushwoolies began eating toxic mushrooms and enjoyed feeling groovy. 

As is often the case with evolution, there was a side benefit for the Bushwoolie.  Over time, the toxins built up in it's bloodstream providing an extra determent to potential predators, further ensuring the success of the species.

The fearsome looking mouth of the Bushwoolie, which had been designed as nothing more than a display to ward off predators, was now deadly. 

And all would have been well had the behavior of Man been factored into the equation. But evolution doesn't think, it just does. For Man, in his never ending desire to expand his territory, would one day encounter the Bushwoolie. The consequences would be dire.

Well folks it's Friday and time to shake the dust of the week off your boots.  Whatever you decide to do this weekend, do it with a light heart and a smile on your face. I know I will.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Suzie Swagger

Suzie Swagger

Bronze skinned
she sits,
a promise 
on your bed

With one hand
your brow
she strokes
with the 
other it's
your death
she's dealing.

                                                                           O'Leary, Anne 12-04-12

Suzie Swagger, better known as Mistress of the Seas, commanded a fleet of five ships. Unlike her contemporaries, Suizie refused to cut her hair or dress like a man in order to walk the boards of any sailing ship.  So fluid was her grace when wielding a scimitar men were known to stop in the act of dying just to gaze at her. She took command of her first ship after her husband came to a quick stop after a short drop at the hands of  Jack Ketch. 

No death has ever been recorded for Suzie and some claim to have seen the blue of her eyes looking out from the prow of a ghostly ship that still sails the waters of the Pirate Round.

 I'm pretty sure that this little lady won't have any problems whacking the head off a zombie when the time comes.

I've got all the Bushwoolies painted up and on Friday, I'll be writing about the creation and evolution of the little critters.

Well folks it's Wednesday also known as Hump Day. So if you're reading this from prison, don't bend over to pick up the soap. I know I wouldn't.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Four Horses of Essex

Remember way back when I was talking about painting some Essex figures? Well I haven't forgotten. They're amongst the ever growing hodgepodge of a pile that it my painting table.  I've previously posted one from a set of four and here are the other three in the set.

These are 15mm horses from Essex European Armies 1660-1745.  They came with a limber, which I painted but can't post because I lost the bloody wheels.

Too show the difference in scale between a 32mm and a 15mm I thought I'd show this picture.

It is finally getting easier for me to work with different scales. I now paint 15mm, 18mm, 20mm. 25mm, 28mm and 32mm.  That leaves 6mm, 10mm and 54mm for me to learn one day.

And I'd like to say


To Thanos over at Mininiatures and Terrain for nominating me for a Liebster Blog award.  

Those of us that follow Thanos know how talented he is and we know how creative he is when it comes to scratch building terrain.  I've gotten to know him through comments and through Facebook and was surprised to discover that he does not consider himself an artist.  And those of you who know me know that this kind of a response generally prompts me to do something. 

I've written a character into my story called Thano's Muse. She's a stunning figure sculpted by the renowned Tom Meier and I'm putting my heart and my soul into her. Perhaps she can help all of the great painters that I follow and learn from understand that what they do is art.

Well it's Sunday folks and that's the day I give thanks for the life that I have, the roof over my head and every scrap of food that's on my plate.  So get up off that couch, turn off the telly and do something that makes you feel alive. I know I will. 

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